Rahul Sharma, Psy.D.
Speaker, Consultant, Psychologist, Musician

About Dr. Rahul Sharma
Dr. Sharma is an accomplished and passionate Consultant, Strategist, Psychologist, & Artist expert in the areas of diversity, inclusion, leadership & growth.   Whether working as a therapist, coach, consultant, performer, or producer - he recognizes expertise is needed in creating unique spaces for people to grow, produce, and flourish. Dr. Sharma combines emotional intelligence, creativity, knowledge, transparency, honesty, and skill in assessing and intervening, resulting in effective and lasting solutions.
                         rahulsharmapsyd@gmail.com             |                   773.220.6711
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 CHECK OUT A RECENT PODCAST FEATURE (interview starts just after the 5:30 mark):
  • Dr. Rahul Sharma has taken his formidable skill and talent both as clinical psychologist and innovative musician in conducting workshops which are both experiential and educational in uniquely driving the message of diversity, equity and inclusion. For the leader who is tasked with executing an organization’s diversity programs and initiatives, whether for internal or external communities, Dr. Sharma and the musical collaboration he leads provide new and fresh perspectives in meeting goals so critical to an organization’s success in diversity management. And it is accomplished with high levels of cultural awareness, creativity and innovation
  • -Gwen Kelly,                                                             Former Executive, Walmart

 "Rahul is a dedicated and amazing human being. He is dedicated to the community and utilizes his profession to assist and help others. I highly recommend that you take advantage of his skills. "
                 -Reverend Michael Nabors 
               Pastor, 2nd Baptist Church, Evanston

"Really amazing!  Felt like a much needed paradigm shift flowing from open hearts and open minds.”                     
              -Experiential Plenary Audience Member
“Dr. Sharma knows his 'Ish!' . . . a good instructor with knowledge that is useful for police.  Big ups!”  

                          -Participant, Police Training on MH & Diversity

Collaborate with Dr. Sharma
Whether your organization, school, or program is looking for strategies to ensure emotionally intelligent functioning, leadership, cultural competence, and true inclusion, contact Dr. Sharma.